Luminescence 900

Luminescence 900S and 900H are high sensitivity bioluminescence imaging systems designed for imaging bacterial colonies, tissues or individual cells and quantification of luminescent structure.

The L900S is a standard sensitivity version assembled by a high sensitivity CCD detector.

The L900H is a high sensitivity version equipped with a combination of Image Intensifier and high sensitivity CCD detector. The L900H has an excellent signal to noise ratio suitable to detect very low signals.

Key Features

  • Excellent sensitivity provided by Image Intensifier
  • Advanced software for data postprocessing - FluorCam SW.
  • Inbox controlled illumination for sample preview.

  • Lightproof box.
  • Replaceable lens allows adapting the field of view
    for different application.
  • Easy operation

Enzyme luciferase


Version Price
L900-S: standard sensitivity detector 27,990 €
L900-H: high sensitivity detector for very low signals 49,800 €